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March 24, 2014 - This morning we were surprised by snow and Desmo enjoyed it better than the 20 degrees the past few days.
26th February 2014. Today the puppies are 6 weeks old and their weights are from 7 to 8.2 kg.  Currently we have a very beautiful home Bear Collection. Two males still looking for new homes, light blue and dark blue ribbon. New photos HERE


Boy - brown                                                                      Boy - light blue

New Photos of puppies are here

January 15, 2014 - Today , Alexis and Paquin were born twelve puppies , eight boys and four girls. They are all fine, Alexis managed childbirth without problems alone,  with our little support. Now we have to go feed and I hope to soon add another report about puppies.

November 14, 2013 - The day we visited our Alexis Tyro beautiful dog named Paddy's Paquin vom Löwengarten. We are looking forward to puppies.

Paddy´s Paquino vom Löwengarten             Alexis Tyro Golden leon

     Champion of Hungary and Slovakia candidate              Champion of the Czech Republic

Club winner KCHL 2013 , Club winner SLK 2013 ,                         BOB , 3x CACIB, 6xCAC

Club winner MSKCHPL 2013

Pedigree Paquin

Go-and-Go S62449/2009 (M)
16 Jul 2009
Reg.no S62449/2009

Fablernas Young Rebell (M)
04 Aug 2005
Reg.no S53895/2005

Masquedolten's Clas-Agaton (M)
28 Sep 2002
Reg.no S56589/2002

Sjo Bjornens Panther (M)
30 Jun 2000Reg.no S43226/2000
HD A ED O image
Dogwoods Karamell (F)
22 Mar 1997Reg.no S23764/97
Fablernas Magica De Hex (F)
18 Mar 2003
Reg.no S26345/2003

Hagelstormen's Light in the Darkness (M)
06 Mar 1997Reg.no S20087/97
Leonberget,z Quickstep In Sahara (F)
30 Jan 1999Reg.no S17953/99
Bolelejonet Nicki (F)
11 Feb 2008
Reg.no S24183/2008

Kinglords Mr Magnus (M)
28 Jul 2004
Reg.no FIN41345/04

HD A ED 0:0 image
Huszar v. Sissy-Haus (M)
22 Feb 2001Reg.no MET 1871/01
HD A1 image
Kinglords Miss Honeybee (F)
20 Mar 2001Reg.no FIN20540/01
HD A:A ED 0:0 image
Lejonklippans Patricia (F)
04 Aug 2004
Reg.no S56115/2004

Niklas v. Lowengarten (M)
16 Sep 1999Reg.no DLZB 16553
HD A2 ED 0:0 image
Lejonklippans Costa Clover (F)
03 Mar 2000Reg.no S21662/2000
HD A ED O image
Hazel v. Lowengarten (F)
24 Jul 2008
Reg.no DLZB 22711

HD A1 Lpn1 N/N Clear image
Aldibaras Dj Bobo (M)
05 May 2004
Reg.no N11067/04

HD A ED O Lpn1 N/N Clear image
A Son O' A Lion (M)
20 Sep 2000
Reg.no N22776/00

HD A ED A image
Fiva's Mr. Lion King (M)
14 Jan 1995Reg.no N09703/95
HD A ED C image
Wanerlands Gnosa at Denham (F)
24 Mar 1998Reg.no S24087/98
Aldibaras Enya Makes Music (F)
12 Apr 2001
Reg.no N09155/01

HD A ED A image
Remrod's Mr Winterbottom (M)
18 Dec 1994Reg.no S13929/95
Leomaydo's Vina Extrisima Bach (F)
16 Sep 1997Reg.no N20825/97
HD A ED A image
Beluga v. Lowengarten (F)
13 Oct 2005
Reg.no DLZB 20751

HD A1 Lpn1 N/N Clear image
Niklas v. Lowengarten (M)
16 Sep 1999
Reg.no DLZB 16553

HD A2 ED 0:0 image
Brentano v. Equitania (M)
26 May 1994Reg.no DLZB 12733
HD A2 image
Hera v. Lowengarten (F)
04 Jan 1995Reg.no DLZB 13102
HD A2 image
Skjaergaardens Crunchy Macadamia Nut (F)
02 Aug 2003
Reg.no N16952/03

HD B1 image
Skjaergaardens Harley Fat Boy (M)
24 Jul 1999Reg.no N03455/00
HD A ED A image
Skjaergaardens Ghost Girl (F)
28 Nov 1997Reg.no N05031/98
HD A ED A image

Pedigree Alexis

Alexis Tyro Goldenleon (F)
Born: 19 Nov 2009  Reg.no CLP/L/4465
 Lpn1 N/N Clear

Tyron v. Dreiburgenland (M)
09 Jan 2004
Reg.no DLZB 19440

HD 1:1 image
Dragongardens Amir v. Welland (M)
16 Jan 1998
Reg.no S13397/98

HD A2 image
Radjhi v. Lowenkraft (M)
27 Feb 1993Reg.no LOSH 703956
HD A image
Abracadabra S48860/94 (F)
11 Jul 1994Reg.no S48860/94
HD UA ED O image
Menasha v. Dreiburgenland (F)
05 Nov 2000
Reg.no DLZB 17345

Arpad v. Eichbottsee (M)
04 Jun 1998Reg.no DLZB 15842
HD A1 image
Kiserdei Tavasz (F)
04 Feb 1998Reg.no MET 1137/98
HD A2 image
Agatka z Alfovy zahrady (F)
18 Feb 2005
Reg.no CLP/L/3462

HD 0:0 image
Amson ze Souhvezdi Lva (M)
09 Dec 2000
Reg.no CLP/L/2402/03

HD 0:0 image
Edward v.d. Jungfernheide (M)
21 May 1995Reg.no DLZB 13459
Agnes Z javoroveho haje (F)
23 Jan 1998Reg.no CLP/L/1553/00
HD 1:0 image
Clea Cecila Sedmidomky (F)
20 Aug 2002
Reg.no CLP/L/2803

HD 0:1 image
Vegas du Mont Kailasa (M)
09 Sep 1997Reg.no LOSH 809332
HD A image
Cairo od Mikulovske hory (F)
23 Apr 1996Reg.no CLP/L/1048
HD 0:0 image


November 14, 2013 - The day we visited our Alexis Tyro beautiful dog named Paddy's Paquin vom Löwengarten. We are looking forward to puppies.

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